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From Gianugo Rabellino <>
Subject XML:DB XPath URL syntax
Date Sat, 22 Dec 2001 18:44:06 GMT

first of all thanks Vadim for adding the XPathQuery capability to the 
XML:DB pseudo protocol as well as for adding the xmldb.jar: this was a 
long awaited feature, and I could never find the time to fill in the 
gap, so your help was really appreciated here :) Besides, your patches 
also pointed me out a flaw in the AbstractSAXSource implementation: I 
fixed the getLastModified() so there is no need to override it from the 

Now, regarding the XPath stuff, I see that support was added considering 
everything that comes after the "?" character in the URL as the actual 
XPath being requested. I'm afraid that this might get us some troubles 
so I'd like to have a final word about this issue. When we discussed 
about it there were basically two suggestion:

1. use an "Xpointerish" syntax, e.g. xmldb:xindice:///collection#/my/XPath

2. use an "xpath" parameter, e.g:

I like the first one best, since it's much cleaner in design: the only 
problem is that this syntax seems to suggest that an XPointer "query" is 
being done, while what takes place is "just" plain XPath. The second one 
is probably safer, but it seems to me a bit clumsy (not to mention that 
we probably should do some sort of URL encoding on it, shouldn't we?).

Any suggestion? Should we run a vote on it? I'm also wondering if it 
might be the case to ask the XML:DB community to come up with a standard 
URL syntax for this case.



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