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From Michael Hartle <>
Subject [BUG] DTD validation shows bugs
Date Thu, 13 Dec 2001 23:44:53 GMT
Hello all,

after working and starting to slowly get pretty impressive, nearly 
presentable results on coupling Documentum, Cocoon, Slide and OpenOffice 
together, I found out that DTD validation is still a bit buggy in the 
Cocoon 2.0 release:

1.) Whenever I used a pipeline like (any generator parsing XML with DTD) 
=> (no transformer) => (HTML serializer), the first character returned 
and visible astonishingly was always a ">". I assume this is Xerces 
related, as changing the serializer type to "xml" produces an 
ArrayOutOfBoundsException in the Xerces parser. To see this live, take 
the entity catalog demo in the sitemap, remove the stylesheet 
transformation to see the first bug and then change the serializer type 
to "xml" to see the second. Adding an XSLT transformer to the pipeline, 
even if it does not change anything, seems to be a workaround for now.

2.) After adding the OpenOffice DTD to the catalog and trying to 
validate a content.xml with corresponds to the office.dtd, I encountered 
the bug that whenever entities are to be resolved, the ISO*.pen files 
are being searched in the same directory where the XML file to be 
validated is located. After reverting a recent change to submitted by 
Christian Schmitt (see, 
this issue was solved and any XML content produced by OpenOffice has 
successfully been validated so far.

Has anyone seen such behavior too, or is it just me ? I am using a clean 
Cocoon 2.0 release build with extensions like new generators, source 
factories and the like which are closely modelled after existing 
components. BTW, the Docbase source factory for interfacing Documentum 
docbases yet has to be made configurable, but then it is close to donation.

Best regards,

Michael Hartle,
Hartle & Klug GbR

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