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From "Bernhard Huber" <>
Subject New Committer Introduction
Date Wed, 12 Dec 2001 20:14:46 GMT
    Hi, all

My name is Bernhard Huber, I live near Vienna in Austria.
I' 34 years old.
I like good music, especially classic, jazz, blues. Having sometime I go 
mountainbiking, hiking, and skiing.

In the beginning I played around with an Ohio State University Computer, 
learning Basic, and 6502 Assembler.
That was quite some time ago.
I started studying ComputerScience at Technical University; working 
half-time, working three-quarter-time.
I programmed primarly using C, and C++ for some high-volume enterprise 
printers, so called Advanced Function Printers.

Today I'm working for Unisys Austria; I'm involved in consulting, 
developing web applications.

As I have learned a lot reading the mailing lists of cocoon, and avalon, 
it is a pleasure for me to put some effort into
helping cocoon making it even more better.

I think a lot of good ideas, and a lot of good effort has been put into 
cocooon already.
Beside producing the code of cocoon, I feel building this community is a 
great idea.

Coming to an end, I hope the ideas put into this forum will help people 
working with, using, and understanding the new technology buzz words a 
la xml, xslt, xinclude, x... .

Perhaps it will be very surprising to see where, and how cocoon is used, 
and will be used in the future; which application are built, and which 
application will be built.

bye bernhard

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