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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Cleaning up the CVS
Date Tue, 11 Dec 2001 21:05:32 GMT
Some suggestions for the CVS

1) stylebook is no longer used nor supported. We should remove it from
our /lib directory

2) having binary files in CVS is bad, but having 'compressed jars'
inside the /lib directory is even worse because it both slows down CVS
downloads (gzip doesn't work on compressed jars as it does on
uncompressed ones) and slows Cocoon starting phase.

The price to pay is some disk space, but given the price per MB of HD,
this should be a resonable price.

3) since we'll be including a bunch of software under different
licenses, we should come up with a /legal directory where we place all
this stuff.

4) we have three webapp directories 'webapp', and
webapp.tutorial, should we have only one?

5) the build file contains a number of properties, should we move them
out into a property file which is flatter and easier to update?

6) the code contains a number of things that I found.... well.... let's
me look for a polite way of saying this.... hmmm, ehmmmm, errrr, .....

            if (this.getLogger().isDebugEnabled()) {
                if (this.getLogger().isDebugEnabled()) {
                    this.debug(environment, null, null);

do you know where this code is? it's executed every single request
( Ok, it doesn't decrease performance, but let's look
into the code after we apply some automatic search/replace tools, ok?

[well, I *hope* the above came after S&R or we have some serious

Moreover, there are classes ( for example) where logging is
still not wrapped by channel cheching code. This *does* decrease
performance on command line operations.

7) still looking into

     * Increment active request count for incoming requests, and save
     * result if it's the maximum.
    private static synchronized void incRequestCount() {
        if (++activeRequestCount > maxRequestCount) {
            maxRequestCount = activeRequestCount;

     * Decrement active request count.
    private static synchronized void decRequestCount() {

what are these for? are you aware of the fact that adding a synchronized
methods to the front door might create a *huge* bottleneck on high

Enough for now

[Carsten, I think you can resurrect your directory-cleaning suggestions

Stefano Mazzocchi      One must still have chaos in oneself to be
                          able to give birth to a dancing star.
<>                             Friedrich Nietzsche

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