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From Michael Hartle <>
Subject Re: Adding Resource Monitor to Generators
Date Mon, 10 Dec 2001 18:11:50 GMT
Sylvain Wallez wrote:

>It seems to me that the main benefit of ActiveMonitor is for resources
>that are systematically checked at each and every request : IMO, this
>should be limited to configuration files and sitemaps.
>For less-frequently used resources, wouldn't it be a better solution to
>only call getLastModified() when the resource is actually used and the
>time since the last call to getLastModified() is greater than the
>refresh period ? This would be a kind of buffering in front of the
>filesystem. Also, can't this be integrated directly in Source ?
I am currently experiencing first results with a Docbase Source allowing 
using Documentum Docbases, and I found that this getLastModified() call 
can be expensive, too. If a certain amount of requests for a particular 
resource like a stylesheet or a document arrives, constantly checking 
back with the Source and subsequently with the Docbase due to the 
getLastModified() call is more expensive than the overhead plus 
regularly checking the resources with an ActiveMonitor.

I am definitely in favor of integrating the ActiveMonitor usage within a 
Source; the question is how/when/where to decide between directly 
checking on each request and Active Monitoring ?

>Last point : your changes in ProgramGenerator make the assumption that
>sources are files. This won't be true in unexpanded war files and will
>very likely break the engine ;)
One more point in favor of integrating Active Monitoring into the Source.

Best regards,

Michael Hartle

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