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From "Bernhard Huber" <>
Subject Re: Ant: Re: Adding XML searching with Lucene
Date Fri, 07 Dec 2001 20:11:02 GMT

>But at the same time, it would be nice to have a synchronous way to
>trigger reindexing of recently modified content (say, a page just
>edited). This could be done by calling a specific behavior on the
>'cocoon' component (which is the engine).

>Which leads me to think that making crawling, indexing and searching as
>Avalon components might be FS since we're not going to use any other
>implementation of these....
I'm sorry but what means FS?

>What do you think?
I try to switch to implementing again, as there are quite some nice 
ideas, but let's implement them....
Let's continue to "work"....

As a result of the last emails I would summarize:
* Avalon components stays
* your naming

org.apache.cocoon.components.crawler, and are okay. It
makes more sense, can you put some skeleton into the cvs, or send it to  me?    

* I will implement some paging for the search result, if there are too 
much search result for displaying on a single page.
* I will study the Main class for the internal crawling..
* As I read some other mail of you; you are thinking about some more 
indexing calculation using matrix-calculus.
* I will try to write some docu, how to use the "XML Searching".
* First XSP is okay, a generator for the searching should be written, 
let's call it: 
What about the xml output of the SearchGenerator?
Search Generator XML DTD, if you want it to be RDF, i have to read the RDF documentation more
closely, the next few days..... :)

 I hope you don't mind making these suggestions, but after some emails i 
get a bit confused about what should be really done.

As there is surley some need for the searching stuff in cocoon, let's do it.
I must admit that i have some limited time only, which i can put into 
Nevertheless i like that email&idea exchange, learning a lot...

bye bernhard

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