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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: Branches and CachingxxxPipline enlightenment request!
Date Fri, 07 Dec 2001 10:38:39 GMT

Gerhard Froehlich a écrit :
> Hi,
> I did 2 checkouts:
> 1. HEAD:
> The system is using NonCachingxxxPipelines! I've looked into the
> cocoon.xconf but there are the caching ones configured (cocoon.roles
> don't have any Pipline role definition).

That's me who introduced this bug when componentizing the sitemap
engine. This required moving roles defined in sitemap.roles to
cocoon.roles, but after that, Cocoon crashed and I wasn't able to find
the cause. So I left the roles in sitemap.roles, but this had the effect
of always using the default pipeline classes specified in sitemap.roles,
hence the NonCachingPipelines.

But I finally found the cause of the crash ! In sitemap.xsl, pipelines
weren't composed with the sitemap component manager on external request,
thus the crash.

This is now fixed, and I also copied roles in sitemap.roles to
cocoon.roles. This allows pipeline declarations to be taken into account
as expected.

But I'm not happy with declaring sitemap-specific roles in cocoon.roles,
and I'll propose a cleaner solution later (I'm a bit overworked now).

> 2. cocoon_20
> The system is using CachingxxxPipelines *relief* as configured in the
> cocoon.xconf file and Caching is working and the Store system swaps
> laboriously CachedxxxObjects out to the fs, etc.
> I don't understand why the system is using the NonCachingxxxPipelines
> in 1) (seems like Vodoo to me ;) and if there is some higher meaning, why?
> The problem is, that this caused some confusion here last days.
> (and this days not only upon me ;-).

Sorry for all this confusion :/

> A second more personal request are those various branches in the
> CVS repository. I lost a little bit the track to the cocoon release
> plans. I did a "cvs status -v someclass" and got this list:
> cocoon_20                       (revision:
> -> actual distribution
> cocoon_20_rc2                   (revision:
> -> expired or still used?
> cocoon_20_rc1                   (revision:
> -> expired or still used?
> cocoon_20_b2                    (revision:
> -> actual development?
> cocoon_20_branch_mergepoint     (revision: 1.2)
> -> expired or still used?
> cocoon_20_branch                (branch: 1.2.2)
> ->expired or still used?
> cocoon_20_b1                    (revision: 1.2)
> ->expired or still used?
> Could somebody with enough Cocoon karma give me some
> enlightenment, please?!

You're mixing branches and tags. There are only two branches : HEAD and
cocoon_20_branch, all other names are tags that label the various
releases or important points in the project life.

> Cheers
> Gerhard
> --------------------------------
> Beam me up... arrgh, no carrier!
> --------------------------------
Personal request : where do all these sentences come form ?

Sylvain Wallez
Anyware Technologies -

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