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From Sebastien Koechlin <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] working on Stores (Re: [PATCH] Re: Displaying status)
Date Thu, 06 Dec 2001 18:07:05 GMT
Gerhard Froehlich wrote:
> >From: []On

[OT: your mailer is broken, it use wrong field]

> >So I probably do not have the main StoreJanitor.
> There is only one impl, yet ;-).
> On my machine the StoreJanitorImpl initialize proper.
> >I'm going to write a static (synchronized) StoreJanitor to
> >record any in-memory Store created.
> >Is it a good solution, or is there something better ?
> Why, the actual StoreJanitorImpl does this already. But maybe
> I understood your question wrong.

There is only one implementation, but I thought I got a new instance
of it. I tested and it's ok, there is one and only one instance.

> >Second:
> >
> >Everybody want to know what is inside, isn't it?
> >Here is another patch to display classname of cached object...
> >
> >And surprise, there is nothing in our Stores!
> >When I request an Object by his key, I have nothing most of the
> >time!
> Yes because default we're using the NonCachingxxxPiplines (I don't
> know the reason, really!).
> Change in the cocoon.roles the roles for StreamPipline and EventPipeline
> to CachingStreamPipeline and CachingEventPipeline. Then it should
> work proper.
> >Why does we store null values in MRUMemoryStores ?
> Don't know.

With all thoses null values, finding a key is probably slower.

S├ębastien Koechlin - IVision -

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