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From Sebastien Koechlin <>
Subject [PATCH] Re: Displaying status
Date Thu, 06 Dec 2001 12:05:39 GMT
Peter Royal wrote:
> > Same problem, where are classes about caching ? I want to display what
> > is in the cache and the number of hit for each one.
> You want to be looking at the debug output from the CachingEventPipeline and
> the CachingStreamPipeline. Unfortunately it does not keep statistics on the
> cache hit rate, but if you look at the debug output you can see if it did
> pick up on the cached content or not.

Here is a patch against cocoon_20_branch, I don't know if you can apply
on HEAD (I did not test).

Please, do NOT include it into cocoon_20_branch CVS on, it's 
working, but eat huge quantity of memory, and displayed data are raw. 
This is not for final administrators yet.

What is inside:
- New iterator() function on StoreJanitor.
- Function added in StatusGenerator to display data in each store.
- Changes on status2html stylesheet to display thoses data.

Request http://localhost:8080/cocoon/status to see the result.

Using a vanilia cocoon_20_branch, you have 3 different MRUMemoryStore
(they have a different hashCode), with about 440 objects in each.
Except for 2 object, all keys are presents in each Store.
I think there is something wrong here. Is it my code ?

S├ębastien Koechlin - IVision -
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