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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Bug reports
Date Wed, 05 Dec 2001 15:09:52 GMT
I'm finally getting my hand dirty again with the CVS HEAD.

A few things that bug me:

1) java.sql.SQLException: File input/output error: C:\Program
Files\Apache Tomcat 4.0\webapps\cocoon\WEB-INF\db\cocoondb.backup
	at org.hsqldb.Trace.getError(
	at org.hsqldb.Trace.getError(
	at org.hsqldb.Trace.error(
	at org.hsqldb.Log.restoreBackup(
	at org.hsqldb.Database.<init>(
	at org.hsqldb.Server.main(

I've never been able to make the db work. Have you ever experienced

2) the /referer samples don't work. Probably the header-matcher is
broken or the sitemap section.

3) turning the log-level servlet parameter has no effect


[you have to modify the <logkit> conf file] This is misleading!

4) the default "upload-directory" is "image-dir". Why is that? are we
uploading only images on Cocoon!?!?, let's fix that.

5) the exception contained into a thrown ProcessingException is logged

6) sample http://localhost/cocoon/documents/doclist returns 404

7) The error page under the /sub sub-sitemap now returns:

> Brought to you by <a href="">Apache Cocoon</a>

> in no time!

no time? Cocoon 2.0 might be fast, but it's not *that* fast :)

8) the cache-dir is always empty. I'm still investigating what I'm doing

9) I get a bunch of NPE out of a missing SAXConnector even if I didn't
enable no logging or profiling. BTW, we shouldn't get NPE out of
component managers since throwing/catching exception is an expensive
operation for the JVM.

Enough for now.

Stefano Mazzocchi      One must still have chaos in oneself to be
                          able to give birth to a dancing star.
<>                             Friedrich Nietzsche

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