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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject [Vote] Improving Cocoon Site
Date Wed, 05 Dec 2001 11:51:26 GMT
We have released Cocoon and this is a great thing.

Now we have to improve the web site a little bit.

1) location of Cocoon 1.x documentation:

I propose to move


which I believe it's better because the URI is version-free and
future-compatible: this means this location identified "the previous
generation of Cocoon, now considered obsolete, but still used by many".

2) graphic look:

I propose to update the site skin using the new look
proposed over at Ted, what's the status of this?
where can we find the stylesheets you came up with?

This mainly because the site is simply too heavy: it's ok to show off
the power of generating raster images out of SVG files, but this is
clearly too much.

3) Clean up documentation: there is a lot to do, but here are things
that bug me:

a) there is no visual difference between sections (i.e. User) and pages
(Who We Are).

b) there is very little meaning associated with the sections (how in
hell are readers supposed to know what CTWIG is?)

c) we should have a "community" section.

4) enhance site functionality:

 a) searching: we must come up with a way to search content, even
forwarding to Google is better than nothing.

 b) community information:

    - graphs of people subscribed on the mail lists
    - graphs of messages on the mail lists
    - graphs of downloads

I see much more valuable to use the SVG rasterizer for such graphs
rather than "waste" it to generate the sitebar text. In order to do
this, though, we need to gather this information.

My idea is to have a perl script (or equivalent) run every week that
comes up with this information and places it on a specific location
(this should be done for every xml.apache project).

Unfortunately, the mail list subscription information is reserved by
root, so we need a high level of access in order to do this (Sam, do you
have that kind of access level?). The compressed MBOX files can be found
over at:


while the web site logs are in


The ideal solution would be to have this processed information already
XML-ized, but it's probably easier to "append" a line than to add an
element to an XML file. We could use CSV and do the XML-ization at
Generation level.

Something like this would be great:


which could XML-ized as

  <item year="2001" week="01" subscribers="348" messages="983"/>
  <item year="2001" week="02" subscribers="358" messages="839"/>



which is more verbose, but could be easier to create using SAX events
and easier to process with XSLT stylesheets (why attributes are so
neglected in the XML world? bah, I love them so much)

Then we could easily transform this into SVG with an XSLT stylesheet and
have the raster graph generated automatically without human
intervention. Again, note that XML-ization of the CSV file can be done
by a CSVGenerator which is piece of cake to write (I volunteer to do it
if this is accepted)




I'm not very good at UNIX administration, so I'd be more than happy if
somebody else provides the scripts and installs them on :)

Ok, enough for now.

Please, place your votes or indicate your


Stefano Mazzocchi      One must still have chaos in oneself to be
                          able to give birth to a dancing star.
<>                             Friedrich Nietzsche

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