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From Michael Hartle <>
Subject Re: Date-specific resources
Date Sun, 02 Dec 2001 00:52:53 GMT
Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:

>Back to the Cocoon URI-space problem. The URI
>"identifies" information about "installing Apache Cocoon" and "locates"
>the latest version of this document.
>If we found valuable (but I do not, having CVS) to create contracts to
>both "identify" and "locate" a specific time-based or version-based
>information inside the Cocoon namespace, we would provide you with that
>contract, but it is *NOT* our fault if you are using one 'identifier' as
>a contract for something else!
Admitted, when being a CVS pro and knowing that the Cocoon website is 
available on the CVS, too, then anyone is free to travel back to any 
version of Cocoon. I doubt the majority of the regular 
only-readers/participators-not-committers of cocoon-dev are able to do 
so instantly, without stumbling about a lack of CVS knowledge here or 
there. Be honest to yourself, we are all humans.

On Cocoon 1.8.2, obviously individuals and companies have invested time 
and money into projects based on a now "deprecated" version, but this 
does not mean they all can transfer their investment and knowledge 
instantly to the new Cocoon 2.0 release, even when they would be happily 
willing to do so; those need a unobstructed, consistent and *documented* 
manner of getting to information relating to their version. The feeling 
of being left behing every major release or so is pretty scary to any 
long-term project investment. Showing persistance in a project builds 
confidence and showing where Cocoon has been (version- and 
technology-like) and how it has evolved in quality can only add to the 

The means of how to satisfy the demand for such access is disputable - I 
respect your opinion regarding version-based URIs - but the request is 
still a legitimate one and at least deserves respect and attention. So 
let's return to a constructive approach; Stefano, do you see a solution 
you would consider acceptable ? Would the idea of pre-packaged zip 
version-related CVS-snapshots of the documentation/website/source 
available as "deprecated" download be a way ?

Best regards,

Michael Hartle

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