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From Hubert NEOtyk Iwaniuk <>
Subject [BUG???] logicsheet with >1 template using esql = problem(s)
Date Mon, 10 Dec 2001 12:02:03 GMT
Hi developers of great cocoon,
 First of all I want to thank you for C2, it is great to have this.
 Second thing is my problem which couldn't be solved on cocoon-users list.
 My logicsheet uses ESQL.
 Problem: lets say that this works.
 				I stop Tomcat (4.0)
 				remove $TOMCAT_HOME/work/localhost/cocoon
 				I start Tomcat
 				And it is not working any more.
 				for several times i do:
 					touch {sitemap.xmap,serverpages/*.xsp,logicsheets/*.xsl}
 					try to access 
 					do it until it starts to work
 				no it is working
 if i stop tomcat i have to do everything again.
 In attechement I send files wich are causing this.
 I have found that serverpages after generation gives me unapplied esql tags.
 i think esql namespace is ok, at least it works for sometime.
 And: 	Query to db are ok.
 			db is ok.
 			pooling connection is ok.
 Thanks in advance,

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