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Subject RE: Help: VelocityAggregator + Component approach to pages
Date Thu, 13 Dec 2001 22:52:27 GMT
Thanks for the response Nicola

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Nicola Ken Barozzi []
> > Since each component is a pipeline I assume they will be 
> cached (does
> anyone
> > knows otherwise?)
> In a recent mail:
> <Vadim-Gritsenko e-mail="">
> Regarding XSP page caching, you need to define couple of methods. Read
> on about caching of XSP in the thread:
> </Vadim-Gritsenko>
Ta - will do.

> > However, I'd rather use Velocity to do the aggregation than 
> XSLT as I
> think
> > it's more suitable for templating.
> Aggregation is not done with XSLT.
> Cocoon does it, and implements the caching too.
> For aggregation it should be all you need :-)

Well, what I think Cocoon does is 'just' concatenate multiple XML / SAX
streams together.
This is good but it then requires some re-ordering for presentation - hence
the XSLT transform.
The problem then is that the XSLT transform has to be capable of
interpreting any XML in the aggregation.
If I add another pipeline component I have to extend the XSLT to understand
the extra XML (eg wrap tables, include images...)

What I'd like to do instead is take the XHTML output of a pipeline and
essentially #include it into an XHTML template.
That means that the template provides an 'Interface' for sub-components (a
<td> cell :) and expects the component to return well formed XHTML suitable
for inclusion in a <td>. The component then performs whatever data gathering
is required and renders it to XHTML etc...
I can now get multiple components written, tested and debugged in isolation
(as pipelines) before simply binding them into a template (well, that's the
The existing aggregate is too simplistic for that.

I'm looking at the <map:part> stuff in the sitemap.xsl (that's a sick file
:) and the corresponding Source stuff in the ContentAggregator.
I'm currently trying to add <map:part> tags to the VelocityGenerator which I
will then use to add the corresponding Source objects to the Velocity

I've only been looking at Cocoon for a week or so and I'm not that hot on
java so please bear with me - this is a baptism of fire :)

I'm also happy to hear that what I'm doing is wrong - so long as I know that
I've really explained my objetives properly...


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