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Subject C2: Help: VelocityAggregator + Component approach to pages
Date Thu, 13 Dec 2001 17:11:06 GMT
I'm fairly new to Cocoon and I'm strongly considering it for a site I'm
working on.

I would like to do is use a component based approach to the site.
By this I mean that each page is made up of a template that contains very
loosely coupled components
Each component is responsible for rendering itself to (X)HTML and they will
all then be aggregated.
I'm currrently approaching this by defining multiple pipelines (1 for each
component) and then using <map:aggregate> to join them into 1 big XML

This then gets passed through an XSL transform and serialised.
This means that one page can contain XML/XSLT components (content); Velocity
components (Menus), JSP compnents (Banner ad selection); etc etc - as the
mood (or skill base of my team) takes me...

And style is applied in two passes: once for each component (quite simple
and self contained) and once for the overall layout (which doesn't have to
deal with the nitty gritty of transforming each potential component - it
just drops huge chunks of pre-transformed stuff into a pre-defined spot on
the page)
Since each component is a pipeline I assume they will be cached (does anyone
knows otherwise?)

However, I'd rather use Velocity to do the aggregation than XSLT as I think
it's more suitable for templating.

What I think I need is a Velocity based aggregator where the <map:part>
pipelines appear as velocity context components with a suitable
'pipeline.generate' method.
Could anyone give me pointers as to where I should start?

I'm looking at the VelocityGenerator (v1.11 14/11/2001) class and the
ContentAggregator. I think I need to understand is how to get the <map:part>
objects into whatever combined class I come up with.

Well, lets see if anyone's interested and can help :)


David Greaves

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