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From Koert Zeilstra <>
Subject Content management (RE: sharing microsoft experience)
Date Tue, 11 Dec 2001 09:50:53 GMT
On Mon, 2001-12-10 at 18:13, Per Kreipke wrote:
> I agree, somewhat: shouldn't the discussion be about an 'abstracted content
> editor' _API_. That is, shouldn't this thread cross back to an older thread
> about a CMS API?
> Design and build the API, make it available using XML-RPC or SOAP, and leave
> the editor to the user's choice. In fact, let people build their own dream
> version. I might like to integrate my CMS with Jabber, or a Swing client, or
> a desktop app, or a browser based version.
> I would argue that part of the Java story (esp. J2EE) is to define the
> plumbing and then let them implement it. There's no need for this group to
> build everything end to end; define a rock solid, simple API and you'll see
> editors appearing quickly after.
> Specifics: the newest tech in IE that I like is the ability to call web
> services (through 'behaviors'). If you take Stefano's granularity to the
> extreme, every editable XML atom on the 'page' should have associated
> get/set/edit implementations accessible through web services.

I subscribed to this mailing list only yesterday, so I'm not aware of
the previous discussion, but I have developed a way edit XML data. I
have written a Cocoon action that can update, delete and insert XML

It is quite simple:
- you create a XSLT template to produce a page with an HTML form to
update the data
- this form submits to a pipeline with the Cocoon XML update action

The Cocoon action reads the necessary parameters from the HTTP request
and uses it to update/insert/delete the XML elements.

It works quite well. The only thing is that the user cannot influence
the formatting of the page that easily, so inserting links and images
inside text is not easily supported. This is of course also one of the
strong points of XML publishing...

Is anybody else also working on this kind of thing?

I was planning on submitting this code with some examples soon.


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