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From "Punky Tse" <>
Subject Re: [RT] Dreams for a useful database
Date Mon, 03 Dec 2001 03:30:47 GMT
----- Original Message -----
From: "Stefano Mazzocchi" <>
> This is what we need for *serious* publishing solutions. [for "serious"
> I mean: able to replace the software used by, say, the Washington Post
> and for their publishing needs. Even for paper and TV, not only
> for web publishing]

And to replace high-cost Vignette publishing suite as well.

Stefano, and I have a dream for CMS tool as well - but may be too far away
from your RT ;-)

On top of the CMS tool, we can build a data distribution server so that the
content can be distributed to clients thru TCP or some networking protocols,
and use XML and even propriatory protocol for data format.  It's just like
what Reuters and Bloomburg does.  Clients can subscribe to the content
category that they want through entitlement control, and the distribution
server will send the content to client.  Hence, the publishing company will
become a data information vendor, and does generate more revenue than just
as a publishing company.

On the client side, they would install a "feed handler" that connects to the
distribution server.  And behind the feed handler, there may be another CMS
server so that the editor or content producer can edit, modify, and
consolidate the content from various data vendor and generate new content.
Of course, the client can have another data distribution server installed,
so that they can deliver the consolidated content to another client.

Sorry if I polluted your RT here, but this is also my dream of CMS tool.
But this is just a part of the CMS tool I dreamed.


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