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From Jörg Prante <>
Subject Re: [Tomcat 4] HTTP 1.0 connector Cookie bug, was [C2] [Bug?] Cookies missing from environment
Date Fri, 07 Dec 2001 14:03:11 GMT

this is a Tomcat HTTP 1.0 connector bug, if you ask me. The Tomcat HTTP 1.1 
connector uses          
   if (!request.isRequestedSessionIdFromCookie()) { ... } 

to control the session ID cookie setting correctly. In HTTP 1.0 code, this 
conditional is missing in the Tomcat code and cookies are dropped from the 
request after a session cookie has been found.

Stuart, why do you prefer HTTP 1.0? There are major drawbacks comparing to 
1.1 according to secure connections.

Do you use any HTTP proxies or complex DNS settings This slows down HTTP 1.1 

Cheers, Jörg

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