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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: data goes in, data goes out
Date Fri, 30 Nov 2001 11:18:35 GMT
At 4:07 pm +0100 29/11/01, Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
>Jeremy Quinn wrote (double quotes mean my words):


>> Incedentally, I spent some time yesterday trying to work out if standard
>> XUpdate transformation could be handled by an XSLT Stylesheet rather than
>> written in Java. I suspect it would be extremely difficult, if not
>> impossible. XSLT is not good at selecting, using dynamic XPaths (am I
>> right?).
>hmmm, from a theorical perspective, if XUpdate cannot be easily
>transformed into a stylesheet, then it means they are sufficiently
>different to make XUpdate existance more interesting. Wouldn't you

Yes, I would, it is something I would like to work on.
I was just tying to make the point (I think you understand ...) that is is
an extra that would make things easier, first we need the underlying

>> >Jeremy named it "WritableSource" (which is admittedly an ossimoron).
>> I did not come up with the name, I will withhold the name of the author to
>> avoid further embarrassment ;)
>Let me guess: Sylvain? :)
>Ah, c'mon guys, this is no critique, even a poor name can sparkle a
>discussion that creates outstanding results. So, please, no need to feel
>embarassment of any kind when discussing architectures.

Ha Ha!

That was kind of "tongue in cheek".

I am really happy with the discussion provoked by Sylvain's words! ;)

>> It is not a 'version' of FP I'd like to produce (FP taglib was horrid!),
>> but a way to re-create the same functionality in a non datasource-dependant
>> way.
>Ok, great. (I found FP horrid as well, but it didn't matter because it
>was the functionality that was missing and sometimes worse is better) [I
>said "sometimes"!]

Yea! Let's get it right this time ;)

regards Jeremy


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