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From giacomo <>
Subject Re: Showstoppers for 2.0 final was RE: [tale+rant] The 2.0 syndrome and [Vote]: Final Release Date
Date Mon, 26 Nov 2001 12:28:17 GMT
On Mon, 26 Nov 2001, Carsten Ziegeler wrote:

> To really get the final release out asap, we should identify all
> showstoppers.
> Currently entered in bugzilla are two blockers (I fixed the third one (5051)
> recently).
> Here is the list from bugzilla:
> ------------------------------
> ID Sev Pri Plt Owner State Result Summary
> 5060  Blo Oth PC NEW  Poorly formed filesystem URL
> with file:// issues
> 5063  Blo Oth Oth NEW  Distribution .war broken in
> Tomcat 4
> I think, at least, #5060 is a real blocker, #5063 should be easily fixed by
> changing the build scripts or adding some comments etc.
> If we can't fix 5060 very quickly, what about disabling the resolver for
> the final release? This would make 2.0 "block bug free". We could work
> on that "new" feature and make a 2.0.1 (or whatever) with a working
> resolver.
> So, what do you all think about these blockers? Let's fix them and get this
> great release out!

Additionally I had some hours over the last weekend to find out why the
documentations aren't build anymore. So turning on DEBUG level in the docs
target where Cocoon is started to produce the docs shows that URL of the
form "mailto:...", "news:..." and "anything#somepart" gets rendered and
throws ResourceNotFoundExceptions which is wrong and I haven't figured
what change has caused this because IIRC they had been working recently.

Also, on the Avalon project I think they had the same problem as they have
upgraded recently (Cocoon and Xalan jars).

Has anybody changed the Commandline classes recently?


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