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From Tim Myers <>
Subject esql grouping
Date Sun, 04 Nov 2001 22:20:12 GMT
I hope i'm sending this to the right list:

Attached is a diff to esql.xsl from the cocoon2rc1 release.

I have a change to the esql taglib which allows you to do something like

    select committeeName, title, firstName, middleName, lastName, suffix,
status from committeeMember left join directoryInformation using(userid)
left join committee on order by
committeeName asc
      <esql:group group-on="committeeName">
        <h2><esql:get-string column="committeeName"/></h2>
              <esql:get-string column="title"/>
              <esql:get-string column="firstName"/>
              <esql:get-string column="middleName"/>
              <esql:get-string column="lastName"/>
              <esql:get-string column="suffix"/>

That is, you can do table joins and then insert a header and footer
whenever a "watched" column value changes.  It follows the nesting
ideology of <xsp:logic>...<xsp:content></></>

You can nest <esql:group> and <esql:member> indefinately.  I didn't update
the schema, and it is probably undercommented... especially since i didn't
insert the xsp-doc stuff that would automatically stick documentation for
it on the esql website page.  I'll make any adjustments necesarry to it to
make it more worthy of inclusion in the released version.

Tim Myers
Student Technology Services
The Johns Hopkins University

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