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From "Steven Noels" <>
Subject RE: [Fwd: freshmeat project listing for Cocoon]
Date Wed, 21 Nov 2001 22:48:40 GMT
> Sounds good to me. Just another small note:  I'm not *that* sure about
> focusing on the "content-centric" concept. I do believe that Cocoon is
> not just for content but can be seen as a generic and very powerful XML
> processing environment. We have XSP, we have SOAP, we have actions and
> we will have flowmaps: are we sure that we want to "sell" Cocoon once
> again mainly as a presentation engine for content-oriented sites? I'm
> afraid that people looking at the freshmeat blurb might look at it and
> just say "oh, ok, this is yet another XSLT tool"...
> Just another 0.2 euros, other than that I really like the result :)
> --
> Gianugo "Picky guy" Rabellino

that's exactly the nerves I wanted to touch :-)

this is kind of blunt, but when reading up on Struts or WebWork, I immediately
understand where they are aiming at

in the Cocoon dist as-is, there's samples of actions, of xsp, and other webapp
'efforts', but none of them *documented* as being architected equivalent to Struts &
WebWork-like frameworks

I know I'm touching touchy-feely grounds here but in my personal view I would not
recommend Cocoon2 without serious work on flowmaps & XForms & a replacement for the
logicsheets for true state-heavy interactive transaction-oriented web applications
(wow, that's a lot of buzzwords) (although I recommended to use Cocoon2 for, which I still regard as being content-centric because it is


we'll get there... and the road towards cocoon-nirvana is fun anyway


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