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Subject Re: C2: j2se1.4 - SAXNotSupportedException on solaris
Date Mon, 12 Nov 2001 09:09:22 GMT

Hi Robert and the rest of you,

> I use jdk1.3.1 and if I write this:  <!-- Hello from -- Venezuela -->  in
      my sitemap I get the same error and that is expected you can't use --
      inside a XML comment.

Thanks, I found the '--' inside a comment, and it compiled properly. Now
      I'm getting:

        at java.awt.Button.<init>(

Hmmm. I'll look into it from the jdk end - I did notice that the new awt
can throw these exceptions, but I thought the whole point of headless mode,
was that the awt didn't require a graphics env, not that it would fail
gracefully with an Exception.

Perhaps I shouldn't be sending this to this group (it's not exactly a
cocoon problem), apologies if this is too far off topic - still, I guess
these issues are bound to come up again as jdk1.4 starts to be taken up.


Anthony Aldridge
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