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From "Torsten Curdt" <>
Subject Introduction
Date Tue, 20 Nov 2001 13:42:09 GMT
First of all I'd like to thank all for the
given faith - will give my best ;)

Although I've already met some of you face2face
on the last ApacheCons I think I should give a real
short overview who I am...

Well, my name is Torsten Curdt, 26. I'm living in Goettingen
Germany. I started out programming on the good old AMIGA.
First language of choice was C then went over to 68ooo
Assembler. I joined several groups creating those Demos and
Trackmos. (Yeah, hardcore coding without an OS ;)

In school I learnt good old Turbo Pascal and seasoned it with
some x86 Assembler which gave me corporate multitasking under
DOS. Did a couple of old-school projects with that.
Including some microcontroller programming tasks.

Then I went to University - Computer Science and Economics.
This is where I had to learn Eiffel. Amazed of it's idea I started
with Java (I still have my "Java in a Nutshell 1.0" book ;) and OOP
techniques in general.
More and more getting sick of M$ I did a couple of linux software
projects. Now I'm a linux disciple trapped in a M$ world - very
interested in MacOSX.
In University I started as (somthing like a) TA teaching and programming C++. 

Some friends and I started our own company where I am working right now.
First doing some PHP we real soon found Cocoon being a very interesting
approach. (This was in the early days of Cocoon1) Although quite hard and
painful we did two (in the end) quite successful web application projects.
with Cocoon1. (unfortunately not open for public access)

Now we using Cocoon2 and Avalon with all it's beauty :) for our projects.
Most of them are focused on B2B integration for the packaging industry.

Looking jealously over to Struts or Turbine I'd like to help
to evolve especially the web application support a bit more in Cocoon.
(Stefano, I can't wait to hear you RT on the flowmap integration
if you already have some)

Well, of course there is much more than programming in this world
but maybe we talk about this face2face some day.

Preferably with a nice cold beer at hand :)

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