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From Klaus Bertram <>
Subject Re: aggregation and redirects
Date Wed, 28 Nov 2001 16:07:05 GMT
At 16:06 28.11.2001, Berin wrote:
>Torsten Curdt wrote:
>>>Hm, nice to hear "you are right", but did I say that? I feel making
>>>this configurable is FS.
>Perhaps we need to distinguish the type of redirection we are expecting
>by having two methods on the Redirector object:
>The only difference is during the aggregation.  If someone is using
>aggregation as a means of keeping menu and content separate on their
>system, they want the redirect to load an entirely different page.
>If the redirect is part of a portal, then only the local piece needs
>to be redirected.
>The problem is that the current form of Aggregation is not flexible
>enough to do portal aggregation effectively.
for make it a little bit more flexible i had posted a patch (2 times the last for about 3
Weeks) for the sidemap to use the select statement in aggregation
i think when in the aggregation select match and action functionality work the need for redirect
where small
when out of this components a redirect is invoked that can be seen as a globalRedirect()

>The normal redirect() function works exacly like now (i.e. if the
>resource is global, redirect to a whole new resource, and if a
>resource is a map:part, only the local part is redirected).
>The globalRedirect() function works to redirect the entire resource
>all the time.  That way, everybody gets what they want with a simple
>solution that is both semantically correct, and that does not add
>additional complexity to the most complex beast within Cocoon: the
>sitemap.  This way we avoid FS but maintain flexibility with well
>defined contracts.
>>Well, alright, this was more a... both have a point so let's make it configurable
>>Sorry, I laid the words in your mouth :)
>>(OT: native speakers - is this the correct phrase?)
>The correct phrase is: "I put the words in your mouth"

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