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From "Craeg K. Strong" <>
Subject Re: data goes in, data goes out
Date Thu, 29 Nov 2001 16:55:24 GMT

Jeremy Quinn wrote:

>I am in two minds about an XUpdate Transformer per se.
>The 'standard' is not a Standard, the draft is incomplete.
>The job of modifying a fragment of XML (from file, xmldb etc.) is easily
>achievable with purpose built XSLT stylesheets, so a Transformer that
>specifically handles the XUpdate namespace while it might be useful for
>people who are not so happy with XSLT, is not actually required for the job.
>What is actually missing (as you have stated) is the ability to write to
>datasources in a standard way (set up from the sitemap).
>Once that is in place, adding an XUpdate Transformer to the mix merely
>provides an alternative to writing your own XSLT to make the transformation.
>Incedentally, I spent some time yesterday trying to work out if standard
>XUpdate transformation could be handled by an XSLT Stylesheet rather than
>written in Java. I suspect it would be extremely difficult, if not
>impossible. XSLT is not good at selecting, using dynamic XPaths (am I
Many XSLT processors have implemented evaluate()  Here is the doc:

The supplied string must contain an XPath expression. The result of the 
function is the result of evaluating the XPath expression. This is 
useful where an expression needs to be constructed at run-time or passed 
to the stylesheet as a parameter, for example where the sort key is 
determined dynamically. The context for the expression (e.g. which 
variables and namespaces are available) is exactly the same as if the 
expression were written explicitly at this point in the stylesheet.

This extension is so important that it has recently been proposed as an 
EXSLT standard:



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