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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject Re: [RT] Negative Matching Constructs && Mime Type Matching
Date Thu, 29 Nov 2001 14:10:31 GMT
Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:

> Berin Loritsch wrote:
>>What did you think about being able to *explicitly* raise an error from the sitemap?
> Uh, I probably missed that. What do you mean?

In my psuedo-sitemap markup I used a new element:

<map:generate-error type="404"/>

This can give you fine control over the types of return errors that an application
will give.  It will also allow you *explicitly* state what you are expecting to do
rather than implicitly trust the sitemap to do the right thing.  It could be that
the Servlet environment's authentication is not flexible enough for you (shocking
isn't it?).

The Servlet environment provides you with three options for authentication:

BASIC (Hopefully everyone avoids this...)
Form  (same thing, except now you have a nice wrapper on it)
PKI   (the first oportunity to use something more flexible)

The problem with the first two is that you are dealing with cear-text (or a base-64
representation of it)--not very secure.  Also you are limited to username/password.
We have very sophisticated session management tools at our disposal these days, and
it might be worth playing around with Cocoon based authentication modules--or possibly
even a wrapper around JAAS.

The problem is now you need to be able to explicitly raise the "401 Unauthorized"
HTTP response if they get it wrong.  The current Sitemap topology CANNOT do this.
It can at best give you "404" and "500" automatically--but nothing more expressive.

>>This is only implemented for the servlet environment.  There is no way to have a standard
>>of mime-mappings independently of the environment.  IOW, the Servlet environment has
it's way,
>>the CLI environment has another way (or ignores it), a Block embedded Cocoon would
have yet
>>another way.
>>Do you see the conundrum?
> Yep. So, do you propose to have a mime-mapper Avalon component?
> [note that the Cocoon CLI already performs the reverse mapping between
> mime/type and extension, so we need a component that is able to obtain
> an extension for a mime type and a mime type from an extension]

Actually that is exactly what I was proposing :)

It should probably live in Excalibur--which is getting quite big.  We might
have to investigate breaking it into smaller swords as a packaging option ;p.


"Those who would trade liberty for
  temporary security deserve neither"
                 - Benjamin Franklin

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