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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: [RT] Negative Matching Constructs && Mime Type Matching
Date Wed, 28 Nov 2001 18:31:41 GMT
Berin Loritsch wrote:

> > Gosh, I had the *exact* same feeling that we need something in between
> > star-matching and regexp-mathing.
> That's my point.  In fact, it would be Really cool if this hybrid matcher was a wrapper
> around the RegExp matcher, and merely did a translation on the pattern!

It should be fairly trivial once you know regexp (and I don't!)

> > I already proposed it and it got rejected, I'd be all for it!!!
> No-one said we can't implement a third matcher.  It would be worth investigating--then
> we have the advantage of seeing which is most useful by natural selection (following
> Darwinian theory, which doesn't always apply to every situation...).

> What did you think about being able to *explicitly* raise an error from the sitemap?

Uh, I probably missed that. What do you mean?


> >  <map:match patter="**/images/*.{gif|jpeg|png}">
> >   <map:read src="images/{2}.{3}" mime-type="image/{3}"/>
> >  </map:match>
> >
> > since nobody forces you to use three-letters extensions for your URIs :)
> True--though it is a common convention.

so? did you ever had to try to guess an image URI by hand? would anybody
be able to notice that change from a normal browsing experience?
> Note: Giacomo mentioned that the Readers and Serializers are supposed to rely
>        on the environment's Mime Mapping to handle the cases where it is not
>        declared either in the component section or the pipeline section.

> >>Of course, then I would want to go a step further and explicitly state my mime-type
> >>first in the select statement and only have one read.
> >>
> >><map:mime-type value="image/jpeg"/>
> >><map:read/>
> >>
> >>Although, we can apply separation of concerns again.  In other words, mime-type
> >>is not always a concern of the sitemap.  URIs with standard extensions should
not need
> >>to have the mime-type matched by the sitemap.  IOW, standard extensions such
as ".pdf",
> >>".jpg", ".gif", ".png", ".rtf", etc. should have a table that automatically gets
> >>up and applied to the response.  This can be be a mimetypes file that can either
be a
> >>simple properties file (there are only a flat hierarchy to mime-type resolution)
or a
> >>simplified configuration file:
> >>
> >><mime:entry extension="pdf" type="application/pdf"/>
> >>
> >>Of course It can be grouped for maintenance purposes like this:
> >>
> >><mime:table group="application">
> >><mime:entry extension="pdf" type="pdf"/>
> >></mime:table>
> >><mime:table group="image">
> >><mime:entry extension="jpg" type="jpeg"/>
> >><mime:entry extension="gif" type="gif"/>
> >></mime:table>
> >>
> >>The table approach can be further shortened by removing the "type" attribute
if it is the
> >>same as the extension.  Keep in mind that command line environments and other
> >>created environments won't have the same mechanisms for mime-type resolution,
and it should
> >>be easy to create a general component that performs the resolution for you. 
This way 90%
> >>of all mime-type declarations can be resolved in a maintainable and uniform manner.
> >>
> >>The only need for the mime-type would be when your URI does not have an extension,
or it is
> >>non-standard.
> >>
> >
> > I thought this was already implemented? isn't it?
> This is only implemented for the servlet environment.  There is no way to have a standard
> of mime-mappings independently of the environment.  IOW, the Servlet environment has
it's way,
> the CLI environment has another way (or ignores it), a Block embedded Cocoon would have
> another way.
> Do you see the conundrum?

Yep. So, do you propose to have a mime-mapper Avalon component?

[note that the Cocoon CLI already performs the reverse mapping between
mime/type and extension, so we need a component that is able to obtain
an extension for a mime type and a mime type from an extension]

Stefano Mazzocchi      One must still have chaos in oneself to be
                          able to give birth to a dancing star.
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