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From Michael Hartle <>
Subject Re: WritableSource
Date Wed, 28 Nov 2001 13:10:40 GMT
Jeremy Quinn wrote:

>The main issue here though is "WritableSource". Is this the way to go?
I think already the name WritableSource shows the need for further 
thinking towards more basic, integrated approaches to handle both 
'Sources' and 'Destinations' in a protocol/transport-independent manner 
appropriately in Cocoon. As Cocoon is about presenting and transforming 
content rather than storing, currently there is no counterpart to the 
basic Source interface; lets design a peer counterpart to Source and 
make it equally integrated into Cocoon as Source is now.

Slide, another Apache project, has the concept of stores for such an 
abstraction; I do not think that the Slide concept is the only way to 
go, but as a start, it may well be worth looking into it. As Slide 
1.0.16 is not based on Avalon (*sigh*), easily sharing components or 
similar in order to couple Cocoon and Slide will probably remain a dream 
for a while :-/

>regards Jeremy
Best regards,


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