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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject Re: Displaying status (was Re: Cocoon 2 RC2 performance disappointment)
Date Mon, 26 Nov 2001 17:46:44 GMT
Sebastien Koechlin wrote:

> It's time to improve the status page !
> Peter Royal wrote:
>>* Run in debug mode and look for "decomissioning instance of" messages. That
>>means that an object pool's maximum size is not large enough and it has
>>turned into a factory. Creating & destroying objects for each request *kills*
> It would be cool if status page can display for each pool the current
> size, the 
> max size and the max number of instance created over the pool-size.
> I can try to code this but I don't know where I should do that. Pools
> are part 
> of Avalon ?

I posted an RT on this about a month ago on the Avalon dist.  Basically, we need
a mechanism that safely exposes information to authorized "clients".  I haven't
a conclusive outline, it generated some interest, but not enough to actually
start on it....


"Those who would trade liberty for
  temporary security deserve neither"
                 - Benjamin Franklin

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