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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: Cocoon 2 RC2 performance disappointment
Date Mon, 26 Nov 2001 16:28:21 GMT
Sebastien Koechlin wrote:
> Michael Homeijer wrote:
> > A quote from a report about the migration:
> > "The expected performance improvement was not confirmed by the obtained
> > results. Performance of the c2 site was dramatically lower than of the c1
> > site. In 10 minutes, the c1 site was able to process 16283 catalogue
> > requests and send out 6MB of pages, the c2 site managed 1011 requests and
> > 400 kB."
> We have same problemes here. Cocoon1 is very slow, but stable.
> We are no more working with it because of the lack of sitemap (sitemap
> is a great idea).
> C2 is using amazing quantity of memory, go to the status page, each time
> you reload it, C2 is using about 1 Mbytes of memory (a <map:read /> for
> image, and a <map:generate type="status"/>, <map:transform type="xslt"/>
> and <map:serialize type="html"/>).
> Reloading a page like documents/developing/avalon.html is costing
> something
> like 9 Mbytes.

Hmmm, can you try disabling the cache and report back?

> Under heavy load, we have stability problems. 

Need OS, JVM and servlet engine to tell you something. Cocoon can hardly
be the source of any instability, unless you run out of memory.

> Sometimes, connection are
> accepted, but nothing is going out of the pipe (TidyGenerator reading
> files, XMLSerialiser, 10000+ files). Servlet threads are exhausted and
> we have to
> restart C2.
> Most of the time, error reporting is not helpful.

In Cocoon1, this happened for OutOfMemory exceptions what went lost.
Cocoon1 is a slow beast but a very polished one.

Cocoon2 is going to be lightyears ahead on most things, but it's not
that polished on its internals. This doesn't mean it's not ready for
production, but you can't match the 1.8.2 release in terms of

At the same time, I don't expect Cocoon 2.8.2 to be as polished as the
old one, I expect Cocoon 2.1 to be, but we have to release to have more
feedback from production sites because it's a catch22 problem: without a
final release, few people use it for production thus give not much
feedback on us on how to make it fast and scalable.
> Despite this, do not misunderstand me, C2 is great, I put it everywhere.
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