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From Gianugo Rabellino <>
Subject Re: Showstoppers for 2.0 final was RE: [tale+rant] The 2.0 syndrome and [Vote]: Final Release Date
Date Mon, 26 Nov 2001 13:18:40 GMT
>>I haven't changed the cli (at least I think so) - it seems like you have
>>old version of the LinkSerializer as I added the handling of these
>>"special cases" some months ago(!). But they weren't in the initial
>>What I don't get is why it's working here. Everything is fine with
>>building docs: no mailto:, no news: etc.
>>I just did a fresh clean checkout, used my Windows 2k, jdk 1.3.0 and
>>in "build docs" and voila after some time I got the whole docs without
>>Is there something different with your configuration?
> Yes, the OS, it's Linux. I too made a clean checkout (and I've checked it more 
> that once with a 'cvs diff') but ' docs' will not work. So I'd like to 
> ask if other here have the same problems (I know Avalon is having problems with 
> their docs building system based on Cocoon).

I just did a fresh checkout. This is Linux Mandrake with Blackdown 
1.3.1. I'm getting plenty of entity resolution problems and I'm 
investigating them. More on this later.



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