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From Gianugo Rabellino <>
Subject New committer introduction
Date Sat, 24 Nov 2001 17:03:40 GMT
Following the tradition of new committers giving a few lines of personal 
bio, here is mine :)

My name is Gianugo Rabellino, I come from Varazze, a small town on the 
Ligurian sea, I'm 32, I'm happily married and I live in Milan.

I started playing with computers at the age of 14, with a good old C64, 
a solder gun and BASIC. Computers always played an important role in my 
life, yet when I had to decide about the university I managed to get a 
degree in law (please, don't ask me why) so I can be considered more or 
less a lawyer. I never worked in the law field, though: I was struck by 
Linux in 1993, started a Linux BBS and co-founded the Italian Linux 
Society ( in 1994.

I started to be a computer professional around 1995 (as a consultant) 
doing system administration and some Perl and PHP. I moved to Milan in 
1998 to work at, an italian business ISP, where I was doing system 
and network administration and had a chance to learn C. From there I 
moved again to Bibop Research: I was the CTO and one of my first task 
was to find tools for the web publishing industry and develop a Content 
Management System. I browsed the web and understood that XML was the way 
to go. I found Cocoon and I sent a mail to Stefano: we met and I decided 
to commit my further work to the Cocoon idea, even if I never wrote a 
line in Java before that moment.

I had the lucky chance to work with Ricardo Rocha for a while, and I'll 
never forget how much he taught me when he was in Italy (and, for that 
matter, how much he's still teaching me from his "land of oblivion" :)).

I'm highly committed to the Open Source world: I never forget that if it 
wasn't for the Open Source revolution and for those 21 floppies with 
Linux 0.99pl13 I would probably be a lawyer. :)

I forgot to mention that I used to be an opera singer (a tenor, 
actually), a fencer, a rock climber and a guitar player. But these 
things are better discussed around a table and a beer :)


Gianugo Rabellino

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