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From Gianugo Rabellino <>
Subject Re: [donation]XML:DB pseudo protocol
Date Mon, 19 Nov 2001 14:19:52 GMT
Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:

>>2. edit cocoon.xconf and go to the source-handler section. Add a
>>configuration like this one:
>>   <protocol name="xmldb"
>>     <driver type="dbxml" class="org.dbxml.client.xmldb.DatabaseImpl" />
>>     <driver type="exist" class="exist.xmldb.DatabaseImpl" />
>>   </protocol>
> Ah, you're connecting to XML:DB API then. Great.

Yes, the XML:DB URI format is expressive enough IMHO to be used directly 
as a generic URI in Cocoon.

> Is there any XPointer query capability for the XML:DB API? I mean, how
> hard would be to do something like

I haven't seen any XPointer stuff in the XML:DB API: XPath only is 
supported, and only at a Collection level (i.e. you can query a document 
set but not a single document).

> Moreover: is there a way to get a "single file" view of an XML database
> in order to do something like
>  xmldb:dbxml://host/#//news[@date > "20011111" and @date < "20011118"
> and @approuved]
> (which is what we need if we want to make this publishing system rock
> this planet!)

Well, we share a common goal :) The only limitation that I see is that 
you have to stick to Collections for XPath queries, and the queries 
won't be recursive (i.e. you can't dig past the collection you set as 
the starting point).

>>As usual, please consider this as a donation to the ASF and feel free to
>>decide about incorporating it in Cocoon.  
> Count on it!

Thanks :)

>>1. until now the compilation of the XML:DB stuff had been  conditional.
>>Given the fact that Apache itself will sponsor the Xindice project, I
>>was wondering if it could be the case to have it compiled by default:
>>all that needs to be done is adding xmldb.jar to the lib directory
>>(which is less than 9K in size).
> I'd say +1 to this. Our support for the XML:DB API will make both
> projects stronger.

Good to know :)

> I'd suggest using the XPointer spec for this (but might require the use
> of "ranges" which might not being supported)

True, yet I agree that the Xpointer "dash" syntax would be more 
straightforward and expressive (even if what we would get is actually an 
XPath query). I'm wondering, though, if this would generate confusion.

> Thanks, dude. Nice job!
> Now that we'll have XIndice inside and a stable and open API to connect
> to, we have total control of both sides.
> We just need to add metadata capability to XIndice (to allows
> versioning, timestamping, workflow management and such). Hopefully the
> new project will start RSN.

I'd say that, apart from implementing the stuff in Xindice (which is of 
course something that needs to be done - and actually it has been done 
in the internal representation of the dbXML database), we should extend 
the XML:DB API in order to allow for such queries. Definitely something 
to discuss in xindice-dev after the project will be bootstrapped.


Gianugo Rabellino

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