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From "Marcelo F. Ochoa" <>
Subject Re: Parallel content-aggregation
Date Wed, 14 Nov 2001 11:01:02 GMT wrote:

>some more thoughts about parallel content-aggregation. I plan to use
>content-aggregation for aggregation of external data, caching has to
>be disabled because of frequent changes in the delivered data. Because
>the external xml-source is not very fast I expect the performance benefit
>of a
>parallel mechanism to be more than same milliseconds.
>The ordering of incomming SAX-Events could be handled by the separation
>of connect-phase and deliver-phase. During connect-phase (connecting to
>foreign host, waiting till first byte arrives) all threads work parallel,
>but the
>deliver-phase (streaming into handlers) is synchronized by a big lock
>between all threads.
>Thoughts ?
>  Nico Dirks
 I have the same situation with DB Prism Generator for Cocoon 2.
 I think that a parallelel content agregation could be produce a better 
response time of DB Prism architecture because all request return 
dynamic data (not cached).
 Dividing the generation in two phased ( Setup and Generated methods) 
for example:
  - If in the first phase Cocoon calls to Setup method of all the 
request in the agregation parts, this will be permit to DB Prism 
generator parallelizar all these request.
  - In the second phase Cocoon could be call to Generate method 
 Is it mechanism possible?
 Best regards, Marcelo.

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