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From "Bernhard Huber" <>
Subject Re: documentation of components in */cocoon.xconf
Date Sun, 11 Nov 2001 20:58:05 GMT
thanks for the hint,
I understand extending the document-v10.dtd only principally. Can you 
explain it in a bit more detail?

I'm doing that documentation stuff, in my spare time.
Thus I was starting off. Perhaps there are already some more detailed 
DTDs for documenting
actions, generators, etc?

Anyway I will check the faq*.dtd, and spec*.dtd...

Ovidiu Predescu wrote:

>Hi Bernhard,
>I'm taking a similar approach with your DTDs documenting some of the
>logicsheets and XML configuration files.
>One thing that you should be able to do is to extend the stylebook DTD
>instead of writing a new one that has the same elements. Here is for
>example such a DTD for documenting other DTDs.
>Stefano did such a great job writing the stylebook DTD to be
>extensible, it would be a waste not to take advantage of this!
><!ENTITY % local.blocks "|element">
><!ENTITY % local.content.mix "|elementref">
><!ENTITY % document-dtd SYSTEM "document-v10.dtd">
><!-- DTD to be used when documenting XML documents. -->
><!-- Starts the documentation for an XML element. -->
><!ELEMENT element (title, description, attributes?, elements?, examples?)>
><!-- name: The name of the element documented. -->
><!ATTLIST element
>          id CDATA #REQUIRED>
><!-- The description of the element. -->
><!ELEMENT description (%blocks;)*>
><!-- Documents the attributes of an element. -->
><!ELEMENT attributes (attribute)+ >
><!-- Documents a particular attribute of an element. -->
><!ELEMENT attribute (description)>
><!-- name: The name of the attribute.
>     type: The type of the attribute. -->
><!ATTLIST attribute
>          id CDATA #REQUIRED
>          type CDATA #REQUIRED
>          defvalue CDATA #IMPLIED>
><!-- The default value of the attribute. -->
><!ELEMENT defvalue (%text;)>
><!-- The list of elements that can be embedded in the documented element. -->
><!ELEMENT elements (elementref)*>
><!-- Reference an element. The element must be documented in the same
>     XML document. -->
><!ELEMENT elementref (description?)>
><!-- name: The name of the documented element we are referring to. -->
><!ATTLIST elementref
>          name CDATA #REQUIRED>
><!-- examples: Starts the examples for the element -->
><!ELEMENT examples (example)+>
><!ELEMENT example (%blocks;)*>

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