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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: DELI: Open source library supporting CC/PP and UAProf
Date Thu, 08 Nov 2001 22:24:16 GMT
Ovidiu Predescu wrote:
> On Thu, 08 Nov 2001 01:16:42 +0100, Stefano Mazzocchi <> wrote:
> > > DELI is released under a BSD-type license so hopefully this shouldn't cause
> > > any problems.
> >
> > Great. But you should sign the paper that give the ASF copyright of the
> > code (we can talk about that privately afterwords).
> Oops, I'm not sure this was Mark's original intent, but I'm sure he'll
> clear this tomorrow.
> The way I read his original message is that the code is copyrighted by
> HP, but licensed under a BSD license. Which means Apache could use it
> without any problem. I didn't read Mark message as a donation of DELI
> to Apache, but again maybe this was his intent.

Ah, I thought he was proposing donation. Sorry if I misunderstood.

> Along the same line, notice that it's not only DELI, but other
> projects as well, like JENA and the RDF processor, which DELI depends
> on. The last one is public domain, but Jena is copyrighted by HP, yet
> licensed under a BSD license.
> Personally I don't see any problem for Apache to make use of both DELI
> and Jena, even if they're copyrighted by HP, as they're both under a
> BSD license. This is exactly the same situation with other libraries
> Cocoon depends on, like jstyle, junit, resolver, hsqldb, bsf, tidy,
> which all have compatible licenses. They are all owned by some entity
> other than Apache, yet it's possible to be used by Apache because of
> the license.

Absolutely. This wouldn't not be a problem at all, but I thought Mark
intended to donate the code to us. Sorry again for having
> Mark, please correct me if my understanding is wrong.
> > > One issue is whether we fork DELI to include it with C2 or it
> > > exists as a plug-in. This might be advantageous as then it could be
> > > incorporated into other projects e.g. Jetspeed. Any thoughts?
> >
> > I would place it in Cocoon first and maybe then move it into an avalon
> > component or in its own subproject if found necessary.
> As Mark suggested already, I think it would be better for DELI to be a
> full project at Apache XML, and not a subproject of some other
> project. This way DELI could be used by other projects no matter they
> use Avalon, Cocoon or what not. Of course for this to happen, we need
> HP legal's approval.

As a rule, we require at least two active developers coming from
different entities and a sponsoring member in order to start a full
subproject under You don't have that status, this is why
I was proposing "incubation" inside the Cocoon project.
> Mark, I could help you get in touch with the right people at HP that
> can clear things out. I would love to see DELI as a project at Apache!

Of course, in this case, the copyright needs to be passed along to the
ASF. No exceptions to this rule will ever be allowed.
> > > I've got time to put in the integration as well, but I'm a totally
> > > newbie to Cocoon-dev so any advice is greatly appreciated.
> >
> > I'm overwelmed! Big time! But you definately look like a guy that
> > knows what he does so, I'm definately +1 in accepting your code
> > donation overhere and propose you for commit access so that you can
> > take care of that yourself. (I suspect not many people here would be
> > able to do it without the knowledge you already have about the
> > problem).
> >
> > So, guys, place your vote: do you want to accept Mark donation and have
> > him help us with this directly giving him commit access?
> Here's my +1!

Well, this changes a bit if no donation is coming. Otherwise, everybody
that says it's going to do something will get commit access.

If no substantial code donation is performed, then we'll be happy to
include patches instead of giving direct access.

Or maybe it's Ovidiu that got it all wrong :)

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                          able to give birth to a dancing star.
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