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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: [patch] current HEAD branch does not cache anything
Date Thu, 08 Nov 2001 14:30:08 GMT

Torsten Curdt a écrit :
> I notice the that the current HEAD branch does cache any events
> or streams no matter which pipeline components are defined in the
> conf.
> This seems to happen because of the new sitemap component uses it's
> own role manager. Anyway as a quick fix I changed the default
> pipelines from NonCacheable to Cacheable.
> --
> Torsten

Fixed. This required to copy some of the roles in sitemap.roles to

This was effectively caused by component management (CM), but not
exactly as you state : the sitemap always had its own role manager (RM).
Here is the detailed explanation, for confirmed avaloners :)

Before componentization, the sitemap received the global "cocoon"
configuration object and thus was able to identify "stream-pipeline" and
"event-pipeline" roles against its own RM.

With the componentization, it receives only the "sitemap" configuration
object and thus "stream-pipeline" and "event-pipeline" configurations
are resolved by the main Cocoon CM. This one having no role definition
for these, we went back to the sitemap CM to instanciate the default
classes defined in "sitemap.roles".

By copying the pipeline roles (and required sitemap components
selectors) to "cocoon.roles", the main CM knows about them and can
properly create them when the sitemap CM asks its parent CM.

The other working solution is to move pipeline configurations _inside_
the "sitemap" element in cocoon.xconf, because this one is now the input
for component definitions of the sitemap CM. But this would have broken
compatibility with existing cocoon.xconf files.

Hope this was clear, and thanks for reporting.

Sylvain Wallez
Anyware Technologies -

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