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From "Marcelo F. Ochoa" <>
Subject Re: [RT] Integrating Cocoon with WebDAV
Date Tue, 06 Nov 2001 14:14:17 GMT
Per Kreipke wrote:

>I agree with Gianugo that the CMS should hide the store:
>user agent <- publishing <- CMS <- edit agent
>                              |
>                            store
>But I would definitely expect to allow this for performance or simplicity:
>user agent <- publishing <- CMS <- edit agent
>                  ^           |
>                  |-------  store
>Cocoon shouldn't require a CMS but should use one if it has it [you say so
>yourself later].
 DB Prism CMS uses a different approach to speed up the response time, 
and do not requires Cocoon modifications:
 Here the flow:
    user agent <-- Oracle Web Cache  <-- publishing   <-- DB Prism CMS 
 <-- upload utility   <-- Edit Agent
            |                  (document-v10 compliant)
 |---------------------------------------store             OO upload 
through XSL transformations

 This flows guarantee around 10 second for the first time access to a 
CMS page, and 4ms aprox. for the other access.
  When a user update a document into the CMS repository a trigger 
instaled into PAGES table send an XML post message to Oracle Web Cache 
to signal that this pages was modified and is no longer valid, in the 
next request Oracle Web Cache load a new version from the CMS repository.
  Obviously this CMS includes search engine, versioning, images stored 
into the repository as SVG format inside the Apache document-v10 
compliant documents, and so on.
 Best regards, Marcelo.

PD: Here more information (DB Prism development site):  (main entry) 
(Web Cache integration)

Marcelo F. Ochoa -
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