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From Gianugo Rabellino <>
Subject Re: [RT] Integrating Cocoon with WebDAV
Date Fri, 02 Nov 2001 18:49:54 GMT
Michael Hartle wrote:

> My target is not in using WebDAV to deploy Cocoon applications, but to 
> expose a virtual drive with virtual folders containing virtual contents 
> with the power of Cocoon over WebDAV; loadable content would be 
> generated on the fly as needed, and when content is being saved, it is 
> being handled (unpackaged and saved somewhere, for instance) depending 
> on your specific demands.

OK, we are talking about a quite specific need, which makes perfectly 
sense. I'm still a bit puzzled about what would be a real and *generic* 
benefit of having Cocoon supporting directly WebDAV, but I start to 
envision some interesting scenarios. I tend to think, though, that this 
support would need always a careful and possibly complex implementation 
(forget about a "plug 'n play" CWA), so that it might be useful only in 
very specific environments.

> The pipeline concept of Cocoon has Generators as a start and Serializers 
> as an end; in a way, a Generator could be considered a Deserializer. I 
> had a short look into SOAP some time ago and when I heard of SOAP 
> logicsheets running with Cocoon 2, I was of the opinion that Ovidiu had 
> taken exactly that way. If we are able to deserialize the content being 
> saved, a kind of reversing the serialization process that will not work 
> in all cases (no perfect way from JPEG to SVG, I know...), but can be 
> done in some.

I see your point. Actually what needs to be "deserialized" is a POST or 
PUT request (note: I'm not a WebDAV guru, I might well be wrong) 
containing directives (in the XMLized WebDAV vocabulary) and 
"attachments". It won't be difficult, probably 80% of the code is 
already there. The problem I envision is that a Generator used as a 
"deserializer" can't be enough: if you want to keep it generic (and you 
should) the actual write/update (AKA serialization) operations will need 
to be done by Transformers, given that Serializers don't know about the 
environment they're running in. Now we have Generators used as 
Deserializers and Transformers used as Serializers: I have a feeling of 
something wrong and confusing with that... :)

> The situation is that I have to spend work on integrating WebDAV with 
> Cocoon as I definitely need such a setup, so the resources (at least 
> mine ;) ) will be spent on this subject, and I am hoping on good ideas 
> and hints how to do this right, so that this investment gives maximum 
> value.

Count on me :)


Gianugo Rabellino

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