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From Santiago Gala <>
Subject Re: problems with JAVA
Date Fri, 02 Nov 2001 13:16:28 GMT
Adnan Zelkanovic wrote:

>If you have problems to run/compile Cocoon/Tomcat etc. on your machine under
>Linux, then the problem could be jdk1.3.1
>If you are using jdk1.3.1 you have to install jdk1.3.0, because jdk1.3.1 has
>problems on some Linux-systems. For example, jdk1.3.1 doesn't run on my
>SuSE-Linux-7.2 so I installed jdk1.3.0 and now everything works ...

FYI: This is a well known jdk bug (or libc bug, I'm not sure) under 
Linux. As a workaround, use:

ulimit -s 2048

before you call the java VM (this is also valid for embedded usages, 
like inside Mozilla).

The bug is due to the implementation of dynamic stack under libc 2.2 and 
up for Linux. Sorry, I can't remember bug id. So 
look it up yourself if you want to get more information.

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