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From Michael Hartle <>
Subject Re: [RT] Integrating Cocoon with WebDAV
Date Thu, 01 Nov 2001 19:06:55 GMT
Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:

>Michael Hartle wrote:
>>Hello all,
>>while looking for previous thoughts on combining Cocoon2 with WebDAV, I
>>luckily stumbled about this post from some time ago. I want to combine
>>Documentum, Cocoon2 and OpenOffice as a flexible
>>CMS/collaboration/portal solution due to some promising results
>>regarding OpenOffice and WebDAV. BTW, once you know you have to activate
>>the OpenOffice load/save dialogs somewhere in the Options (thanks to
>>Jörg Heilig from Sun), loading/saving over WebDAV really works
>>beautifully there.
>><sigh>While MS developed filesystem namespaces to allow stuff like
>>virtual harddrives and the like for Win32, they ruined this wonderful
>>idea later on, for example by providing and using standard File
>>Open/Save dialogs that cannot use anything virtual properly...</sigh>
>> I am looking for a way to perfectly (or better elegantly ?) integrate
>>WebDAV into Cocoon2, being able to provide virtual documents for editing
>>and retrieve the changes made to those virtual documents; as
>>OpenOffice/StarOffice6.0 saves zip archives containing XML files, this
>>practically screams for using Cocoon2 ;)
>Ok, let me jump into this since I already spent lots of brain cycles on
Sounds good ;)

>Imagine you have something like a webdav enabled editor: you access the
>the page, you edit it and you PUT it back on that URI.
>Now what? XSLT is *NOT* (in general) reversible. Not even talking about
>aggregation, namespace reaction, dynamic XML expansion and so on. There
>is algorithmically no way that you can achive that.
I had some thoughts about this topic, too, and basically agree to your 
statement. I also came to the opinion that integrating WebDAV the way 
you just described does not make much sense, as resulting, mostly 
dynamic and intermixed content does not equal editable content. 
Nevertheless, let me give an example why Cocoon and WebDAV would team up 

The file format of OpenOffice ( is a zip 
archive containing several XML files defining the content of an 
OpenOffice "Word" or "Excel" file. OpenOffice has WebDAV support (when 
activated via a checkbox in the options), so it can load and save on the 
web. Using a (yet to be written) CInclude2ZIPSerializer makes dynamic 
Cocoon content available in all OpenOffice components, reaching from 
text documents to spreadsheets to presentations. Moreover, the user can 
comfortably modify the content and save it back, returning it to the 
originating WebDAV server... if this was Cocoon, and the content would 
reach Cocoon in a WebDAV-compliant manner, this would enable editing 
solutions that beat highly expensive solutions like Arbortext Epic or 
SoftQuads XMetal  hands down.

This leads to the result that it is all about "complete atomic content 
units" such as a complete news report, a complete press release or a 
complete financial calculation must be edited instead, using Cocoon to 
retrieve, pack, deliver, receive, unpack and store these contents.

Best regards,

Michael Hartle,
Hartle & Klug GbR

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