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From Jeremy Aston <>
Subject Re: Assistance with tidy of Ctwig docs
Date Wed, 21 Nov 2001 16:13:59 GMT

Hi David,
Absolutely.  Are there any meta tags that can be used to indicate current version?  If not
I will change to something more generic.
As far as the differences go, I think another individual made some minor changes (can't find
the mail at the mo).  I will check, diff and update in the next day or so.
  David Crossley <> wrote: Jeremy Aston wrote:
> Cool
> I had said to Stefano that I would pick that up. Was going to do it in the 
next day or so but saved me a job! Anything else a new bod could do (new to 
c2 mods not coding that is)?
> cheers
> jez

Actually Jeremy, there is something very important that you
would be ideal to help with. There are a lot of mentions in ctwig
about specific version numbers of releases (e.g. 2.0rc2) hardcoded.
These need to be fixed, as the documentation should only discuss
the current release. We really should only mention specific version
numbers when absolutely neccessary, and then be prepared to
change such mentions.

Also, i notice that the head branch and cocoon_20_branch have
differences between the ctwig docs.
regards, David

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