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From Tim Myers <>
Subject [patch] esql:group
Date Tue, 20 Nov 2001 04:11:40 GMT
ok, diff -u
This time against HEAD and tested.
I included minimal xspdoc:desc documentation.

This patch adds esql:group and esql:member to esql and supporting fields to EsqlQuery.
That way, you can do a single query using join syntax, often eliminating the need to do nested

<h1>The League</h1>
  <esql:group group-on="team">
    <h2><esql:get-string column="team"></h2>
      <li><esql:get-string column="player"/></li>

Nested groups to any level are allowed.

I was having trouble with the cvs cocoon.  It always freezes at some point in the pipeline
when using automounted home directories. I don't know if mount is causing the problem or if
my subsitemaps are. it freezes trying to transform something in the subsitemap. I ended up
moving a test xsp into the sample xsp directory which worked fine.

Tim Myers

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