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From Marcus Crafter <>
Subject ParentComponentManager & config files
Date Thu, 01 Nov 2001 16:33:41 GMT
Hi All!

	Hope all is well!

	I've just been playing with the ParentComponentManager and
	associated classes, and wanted to ask a quick question about
	it's usage.

	Was it always intended to use JNDI to name Configuration objects
	that should be given to a parent ComponentManager ? Or is the
	String passed to the constructor via a getParentComponentManager() in
	the CocoonServlet class a general string argument that can be
	used in any way by the component manager about to be instantiated ?

	The reason I ask is because I think I might see a problem with passing
	configuration objects to the parent component manager, if one wants
	the configuration info to be read from a file.

	The problem seems to be that it's difficult to resolve the
	correct location of a config file in a parent ComponentManager
	class or in a 'Configurator' class like what's written, unless
	one specifies an absolute path, as opposed to a (perhaps
	context) relative path.

	ie. in web.xml


	where conf/config.xconf lies under /path/to/webapp/conf/config.xconf.

	Even if the above is a misuse of what's intended, there is no
	SourceResolver, or ServletContext in the 'Configurator' class to help
	out referencing a relative file ?

	I'm trying to stay away from having to specify an absolute path
	in the param-value setting, or in a 'Configurator' class - any ideas
	how to overcome this ? or have I lost the plot entirely! :-)


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