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From Martin Man <>
Subject Re: [RTl] i18n transformer
Date Thu, 01 Nov 2001 12:32:25 GMT
On Thu, Nov 01, 2001 at 09:04:25AM +0100, Enke Michael wrote:
> I have for column description very often the same words. E.g.:
> employee
> employee number
> employee group
> employee name
> employee address
> If somebody has the task to generate translations for other languages
> it would be very useful to only translate a word one time.

yep, that would be, but the assumption that you can shorten the translation
applies only for certain languages (english for ex.) that don't use
declination (?? not sure about the name here), in czech, slovak, polak, and
others your examples with employee won't work you, 

zamestnancovo cislo
zamestnancova skupina
zamestnancovo jmeno
zamestnancova adresa

you see what a beautiful lang we have :-))

> It is not so. Look at line 352 in
>             itemValue = itemValue.trim();
>             if(itemValue.length() == 0)
>                 return null;
> But I wouldn't change this because it can be a hint that this item
> was forgotten to translate. I would prefer an extra attribute for
> real empty items.

yep I agree here also, the same way gettext and other translation tools work,
if no translation is present, original text is printed out, possibly with some
notice like "TRANSLATE: " prepended..

> Michael

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