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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Assistance with tidy of Ctwig docs
Date Thu, 22 Nov 2001 08:03:24 GMT
Thanks, i have added your patches to both the head branch
and cocoon_20_branch. A few tips for next time ..
- add the word Patch to the email Subject
- send diffs in preference to whole files
- if there are many patches, then create a .zip or .tar.gz
- see contrib.html for more tips
Thanks again, Jeremy and please send more enhancements.

Jeremy Aston wrote:
> Committers,
> I have updated the ctwig docs in line with David's comments and made them
> generic.  I've not bothered with @version@ et al - in the context of where
> ctwig is now it is not really relevant.
> The attached files can be added back - they came from the head not the 20
> branch but it shouldn't matter.
> Change descriptions are:
> ctwig-installing.xml : removed references to specific C2 versions
> ctwig-why.xml : removed reference to when I installed C2
> ctwig-gettingstarted.xml - removed references to specific C2 versions
> ctwig-basic01.xml - fixed example source code error where xml details not
> correct
> Regards
> Jeremy
>   -----Original Message-----
>   From: Jeremy Aston []
>   Sent: 21 November 2001 16:14
>   To:;
>   Subject: Re: Assistance with tidy of Ctwig docs
>   Hi David,
>   Absolutely.  Are there any meta tags that can be used to indicate current
> version?  If not I will change to something more generic.
>   As far as the differences go, I think another individual made some minor
> changes (can't find the mail at the mo).  I will check, diff and update in
> the next day or so.
>   Regards
>   Jeremy
>     David Crossley <> wrote:
>     Jeremy Aston wrote:
>     >
>     > Cool
>     > I had said to Stefano that I would pick that up. Was going to do it in
> the
>     next day or so but saved me a job! Anything else a new bod could
> do (new to c2 mods not coding that is)?
>     > cheers
>     > jez
>     Actually Jeremy, there is something very important that you
>     would be ideal to help with. There are a lot of mentions in ctwig
>     about specific version numbers of releases (e.g. 2.0rc2) hardcoded.
>     These need to be fixed, as the documentation should only discuss
>     the current release. We really should only mention specific version
>     numbers when absolutely neccessary, and then be prepared to
>     change such mentions.
>     Also, i notice that the head branch and cocoon_20_branch have
>     differences between the ctwig docs.
>     regards, David

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