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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: XML validation during build docs
Date Fri, 02 Nov 2001 14:03:09 GMT
OK, i have XML validation working now during build docs.
It revealed some validation errors - nothing too drastic.
I have mended all the broken xdocs.

These are the steps that i took to get it going. Basically
every XML instance document must declare its ruleset.
Step 4 is a worry and we need to resolve it. The rest can
be committed when ready.

1) in cocoon.xconf set the parser parameter "validate"

2) add initial internal DTD to both *.roles config files

3) add an initial external DTD for book.xml documents
and add a Declaration to each */book.xml
... is there a proper DTD somewhere?

4) declare the DTD for each SVG template in
I got the final release svg10.dtd from W3C. However,
i encountered some serious issues. Our SVG files are
broken according to the SVG DTD ...
a) We have an extra "label" element inside the "text"
element, which is not allowed by the DTD.
b) There is no attribute "xmlns:xlink" for the svg element,
yet our files have that.

As a workaround to get the rest of the validation run
happening, i have written a minimal svg DTD based on
those simple XML files to reflect their current structure.


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