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From "Michael Homeijer" <>
Subject Cocoon 2 RC2 performance disappointment
Date Fri, 23 Nov 2001 19:38:54 GMT

We built a site using Cocoon 1. Whe are now in the process of scaling the
hardware so it can handle the requested amount of users.

Next we started a project to perform migration to Cocoon 2. I think we use
all mechanisms (at least the ones I know) to create a site that performs
well. But... under heavy load, the performance of the Cocoon 1 site remains
stable (slow but stable) and the Cocoon 2 site collapses. The initial
performance of the Cocoon 2 site is higher, but under "heavy load", it will
not do very much anymore.

Mechanisms we used:
- Split pages in multiple parts based on caching posibilities. Ie. parts
that can use the same cache strategies (ie same key and validity) are
grouped together.
- The parts that can be cached are also translated to HTML using XSL as much
as possible.
- The XSL files are kept as small as possible. We tried to minimize the
amount of templates (initially there were about 60 templates).

This site should be our showcase and one of the most complex ones we will
build because of the very dynamic nature of the site and high amount of
personalisation based on countries, companies and user profiles. Most pages
contain at least three to four calls to session beans.

A quote from a report about the migration:
"The expected performance improvement was not confirmed by the obtained
results. Performance of the c2 site was dramatically lower than of the c1
site. In 10 minutes, the c1 site was able to process 16283 catalogue
requests and send out 6MB of pages, the c2 site managed 1011 requests and
400 kB."

I could use some help tuning this site. Any suggestions are welcome.

Michael Homeijer

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