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From Michael McKibben <>
Subject Re: [C2.0] Source resolution in servlet container
Date Fri, 26 Oct 2001 23:56:20 GMT
Yes, I've been questioning this myself. I don't think it has come up as an
issue yet because in practice most servlet containers do map war resources
to a file path. This problem is not just localized to the CocoonServlet as
the org.apache.cocoon.environment.Context interface has the getRealPath
method as well. I've counted over 30 references in the Cocoon code base to
the getRealPath method. Depending on the context in which it is used, it
may not be possible to convert all uses of getRealPath over to getResource
or getResourceAsStream.

Access to other static resources is supported via standard Also,
you can access other Servlet Context's (and therefore their static
resources) via ServletContext.getContext(uri). ASAIK, getContext doesn't
have a comparable method in Cocoon's environment Context interface. Of
course, a container's security policy may restrict this access, but that
is up to the administrator what access controls should be given to a war.



On Fri, 26 Oct 2001, Piroumian, Konstantin wrote:

> Hi, C2ers!
> According to Servlet 2.2 specification (paragraph 4.4):
> <quot>
> The ServletContext interface allows direct access to the static document
> hierarchy of content
> documents, such as HTML, GIF, and JPEG files, that are part of the web
> application via the
> following methods of the ServletContext interface:
> . getResource
> . getResourceAsStream
> </quot>
> then:
> <quot>
> It is important to note that these methods give access to static resources
> from whatever repository
> the server uses. This hierarchy of documents may exist in a file system, in
> a web application archive
> file, on a remote server, or some other location.
> </quot>
> So, from this I can conclude that any other access to static resources is
> not required to be supported. As I can see from the
> source, it uses calls like this in many places:
> final FileInputStream fis = new
> FileInputStream(this.servletContext.getRealPath("/") + logkitConfig);
> This results in problems with servlet containers (or deployments) that does
> not extract files from WAR-archive and therefore the real path is undefined
> (is 'null') and CocoonServlet dies during initialization with NPE.
> Correct me if I am worng, but to be able to use Cocoon on any servlet engine
> that supports Servlet 2.2 specification several rules must be followed in
> Cocoon architecture (this must be adapted for CLI):
> . any access to static resources of the Web application, including
> xsp/xml/xsl files, must be performed by getResource() and
> getResourceAsStream methods
> . any calls to other servlets must be performed by
> RequestDispatcher.include() methods (e.g. JspServlet)
> . use working (temporary) directory for any 'write' operations (e.g.
> logging)
> something else?
> Are there any comments on this? Will C2.0 be fixed (at least getRealPath()
> issue) before releasing?
> Best regards,
> Konstantin Piroumian
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